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Not getting WhatsApp notifications consistent with my current settings


I've just got an S10 and I must say I absolutely adore the phone - it is perfect for me!


That said, I'm struggling with an extremely frustrating issue - randomly (probably 75% of the time), if I get a WhatsApp message, my phone won't vibrate (or play the notification sound, if my phone is on loud). I have the always-on screen enabled and I can tell I have a new message because the icon is on the screen, however my phone usually lives in my pocket so I end up missing 75% of messages because WhatsApp won't vibrate the phone randomly.


All the notification settings look fine, and I think it works normally for around an hour or so after a phone reboot, then it starts randomly dropping notifications again. No other apps have this issue, everything else conforms to the alert settings I have.


This is my main messaging app and this issue is ruining the experience for me. Has anyone had similar issues, or know of any fixes?




Tried this, did not work 😞 Facing the same issue


Hi my one is working infigure out my selft uninstall WhatsApp then reinstalle again  after I did that my want work then reset you watch on and off done try that it sure work


This issue is not just limited to Samsung.


This is a Android bug accepted by Google but it is not rectified. There is android issue tracker, below is the link with bug number


Kindly star mark this issue for fast resolution


So does it mean it doesn't a solution?


I've tried everything in this thread, other threads and other places like YouTube


I'm not receiving sounds of notification for whatsapp 




As of now, this problem is faced by almost all android users. Problem is random, so may not be observed by most of them.


The only solution is star mark the issue in link shared in earlier post, also get it marked by your friends also. More stars means google fix it on priority.


If possible than raise this concern with samsung service center with google bug number which is the last part of link.


This is not at all a harware issue, this can only be fixed by Google or Samsung


Ya it's working now thanks a lot


@G-Prabhakaran wrote:

Ya it's working now thanks a lot

Mr G Prabhakaran How it is working?

Please explain the soloution

Thanks you so much! That was driving me mad


This is the reply which I have received from Samsung, Problem is there but Samsung is not responsible because Android belongs to Google


Keep it up Samsung.............

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