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No wireless charging since yesterday’s update


Since yesterday's update for finger id and bio security probs wireless charging has stopped after working fine.


On placing the S10+ on the base it makes the charge sound but does not charge.


i have dug out the fast charger and that is fine.


any ideas? Thanks

Hi @Organum

Try a Soft Reset to refresh the systems: Press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons for 12 seconds until the restarts. Does this help? Can I also take the model number of the Wireless charger you're using?

New Member

I have the same issue after the latest update no wireless charging. Reset the phone no joy

In the end I found that 3 resets did the trick or at least after 3 resets wireless charging resumed.


I also have 3 screenshots since this is the same key presses! You just have to be brave and continue to hold the power + volume down until the Samsung boot screen appears. To make sure I continued to hold until the Samsung screen had appeared again and then released. Probably black magic but there we are.


Good luck

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