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No notification of trade in acceptance 9 days later

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I'm a little worried having read the negative media coverage around trade in's being denied and still not having confirmation 9 days post delivery of my S10+/7days after i sent my S8 special deliver. 


The phone was mint & original, i took photos of it too showing the IMEI on screen so hopefully that's enough if i do have any issues but i have to say the trade in experience is the worst part of this upgrade program by far. I would have done it in store, had I not had an employee discount scheme i could use on the purchase (online only).


How long does this normally take?


Took just over 3 weeks for mine. I chased it up after not hearing anything within first 10 days and got an email saying that because of high uptake then they had a delay in processing handsets - a week later I got an email confirming that it had all gone through and completed without any issues and for full trade in value.

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