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Name not appearing correctly on homescreen

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Screenshots would probably explain better. This is my Samsung account setting.

Screenshot_20200401-000240_Samsung account.jpg


So how come I get this?


Screenshot_20200401-000248_One UI Home.jpg


I suspect it's because my Google account still hasn't stopped calling me the nickname that was changed years ago but I refuse to believe there isn't a way around it. I don't really want it to keep callibg me brit. Can I simply think my Samsung account to a different email? Google reeeeeeally wants to make it as difficult as possible to make the simplest of changes. Not really sure what's the most appropriate tag sorry


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Superuser I

It appears your explanation also brings the reason why this is happening.


There should be a way to edit your Google Informamtion @Mfabi 


As this isn't Samsung related have you spoken with Google Support on this ?


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Thank you, but Google are as much use as a chocolate teapot on this. There are  multiple threads with people who have been talking to them about it for months and months and months. They get the same parroted, copy and paste response which numerous people have said doesn't work for them.


I simply want to know if I can link my Samsung account to another email address such as outlook so that I don't get this stupid nickname

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