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My new s10+ is NOT detecting a finger when attempting to register one, (Happy Birthday!!!)


My new s10+ is NOT detecting a finger when attempting to register one.
I have performed a OS software update, this completed successfully, but still not able to register a finger.
After a factory reset I asked a family member to register their finger, but this was also unsuccessful.
I look to of received a faulty s10+ 😞
This was a birthday present and this experience has tainted the event, I expected alot more from a premium device from Samsung!


Does anyone have any suggestions? or do I just send it back for a refund!


Did you try pressing a bit? Mine one sometimes does pick it up but after i press gently it starts to pick up


However hard I press it will not recognise my finger!


After spending over an hour on hold and a remote control session it turns out I have a faulty s10+


Now on hold again (47mins!!! so far) to Samsung shop to get a replacment shipped!




You can check your fingerprint scanner by doing:-


1. enter calling app

2. type #*0*#

3. tap sensor

4. tap fingerprint test > normal scan


Would love to see what everyone else gets...




Anyone else fancy testing this on there s10+ ???



Just tried it mine just says incorrect code

Hi @mancubas : Any joy on getting a replacement sorted out from the Samsung Shop?

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Hi @Hackett. Unsure from your other posts if you got yours to work now.




And some quick and easy steps for any others who may be experiencing an issue with their fingerprint scanner:


  • Restart;
  • Check for any firmware updates;
  • Check apps are all up to date;
  • Test the scanner Samsung Members > Phone care > Interactive Checks > fingerprint (or the dialler method above).


If all of the above don't resolve the issue; and that Members app test gives you a fail result, please contact our Support team.

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Yes my scanner works fine on all registered fingers and thumbs


Getting there yes, everything taking far longer than I would of liked, but the faulty handset is being collected today, once its arrived and checked a replacement will be shipped, this could be anything between 7-10days from date of receipt however!

I really hope I am not struck by the news I am reading about lack of supply!

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