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My new S10+ bluetooth will not connect to my car bluetooth and car says it is incompatible... yet my S6 edge connected fine...

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My new S10+ bluetooth will not connect to my car. The car says phone is incompatible yet the S6 edge connected fine... whathas happened to the S10?


Hi , I've an 08 Punto and my S10 connected no problems , have you scanned for your cars bluetooth etc 


My S10E has also some problem. Connecting to 2008 Audi A4 B8 MMI 2G high.
Connection for calls works ok, but it doesn't sync contact to the MMI "Phone book".
I can see incoming calls with numbers, also dialed, answered etc calls, but only with numbers, no contact names synced to MMI Phone book.

Same system worked previously OK with Nexus4, Samsung Galaxy S6 and Sony Xperia X Compact.

They have broken something with S10e line 😞
Tried all kinds of solutions suggested online, PBAP apps, contacts individual files etc, nothing helps.


I had similar issue with my 2012 A5 and Samsung S6 Edge.  I was coming off a windows phone which worked right the first time.  When we went to the dealer to ask why the new phone wouldn't work we got some kind of "excuses".  But I'm persistent so kept pushing.  They finally got a guy who knew more about the technology integration to sit with my husband and walk through the issue.  He said it was definitely not right.  Thank goodness for extended warranty, they did a new software load and $2800 later it worked fine...  I am finding that the dealer staff are not very tech savvy and many don't really know how their cars work with the phones.  And I sick of hearing "you need to get an iPhone" which I will never do.  

I don't think they have software update for 10 year old car :smiling-face:
But it isn't cars fault. Bluetooth protocols are standardized. And if car works with other models, then it is Samsung fault that it isn't working correctly with my car.

Hi I have just had a new s10 and like you I'm having problems concecting. I cleared al cache and details on my phone like it said on the net, now it connects but I have no contacts appearing in my cars list. Did you resolve this and if you did could you please share it.

Thanks Alan 

Same issue. Citroen C4 2017. Before S7 no problems. Now S10+ is not syncing contacts consistently. Most of the time it fails. So need phone to dial nrs. Not really hands free...

Same here, 2017 model C4 Grand Picasso. Having the S10+ also makes my media system to go black after a while. Never happend with my Mate 20 Pro. Lots of trouble getting the bluetooth to connect and update contacts, and when i finnaly got it going now i have to unpair or my center screen system will reboot 😞


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We exp the same since we upgrader to S10 and S10plus...before we had S9 and S9plus..Our car is a almost brand new Skoda Octavia (2018)
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