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Media volume and ringtone sync




Media volume sync is missing from advanced settings on Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus OneUi 2.1.

I also don't remember what was the use of it. 


Could anyone please explain to me what the ringtone sync actually does.

If it is turned off the ringtone will be different or it won't play on galaxy buds or?



Thank you for the help!
On my S10+!
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Yes, it's missing, I noticed when my Bluetooth speaker and G Buds weren't as loud as before after the 2.1 updates. I had recently used Duo Audio and it turns it off normally so I thought it was that and went to turn it on only to find its gone. Basically, the feature syncs your BT device volume to your phone Volume keys and you don't have to adjust Volume on both devices. It was so useful, I have to change my Galaxy buds touchpad to volume to increase the volume to max then turn them back to my desired setting (Ambient and Assistant) or on my JBL speakers and headphones..Hope it come back


To get a bit extra volume out of your buds go to developer options and turn on disable absolute volume, then get your buds and before playing any music turn media volume right down on your phone , press touch pad on bud to make volume maximum then use your phone to increase volume when playing music , that makes the buds louder 

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