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Lost galaxy budsbwireless charging case

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I just lost my galaxy ear buds case. Does anyone have an idea how i can get a replacement case? 

@John144 why do you need a case?

I lost my case yesterday figured I would go to Samsung and purchase another and of course  Samsung doesn't offer a replacement which is f#cking ridiculous. Nobody has replacement cases far third party as well. Can't believe this

@Fudgy31 wrote:
@John144why do you need a case?

Cause I can't charge my buds without it, and apparently, I'm the only one that owns galaxy buds here. 

It's really so stupid that they have the audacity to tell you "We don't have provisions for a replacement, but if you want to buy another one, we can order from us." I just got these a week ago! 😡😡



I understand your frustration BUT how the hell can you lose a white pillbox shaped charing case?


Mine are in my Man Bag and the case goes in their when im wearing my buds.


I thought about selling mine BUT they are just too good.  Even got them working on my iPad Pro.


Usually put mine in my pocket. Must've slipped out or something. Had a long day, so when I went back to my room, I slept off with them in my ear. Didn't realize the case was gone till about an hour later when I woke up and tried to put em back.  Irdk what else to do 😥😥


I've lost my case as well but mine wasnt the one that came with the S10 preorder, I bought it. So is there any way I can get/buy a new case?


The White Version wasn't available to everyone and some of us got stuck with the Black case. Also, most men don't have a purse with them to put their case in.

yes they do in store the city 77 bucks u need ur old serial number

Hey, I have a case I can sell to you for $30

In good working condition.

( it is the white case)

Slight scratches and tiny dents on outside of case. 


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