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Location Battery Drain?


Does leaving location on result in any background battery drain? I understand that having location on just means apps can pull data when they require. When you see the location icon in status bar (e.g. when using maps) then it means location actively being used. If location icon not in status bar, then it means location not being actively used. But does having the location radio on result in any negative performance on battery? Or is it better to just keep location off and turn it on when you need it, such as when using navigation?


Evening @mun_96 ,


To understand how GPS might drain your battery, please go to your phone’s Settings, and then to Location or Settings> Apps> Menu (3 dots top right)> Apps permissions.


You should see a list of apps that have accessed your location, ordered by the most recent location requests first. The list should indicate which apps frequently access your GPS, as well as the impact each has on your battery. Any app tagged with High battery use or one in repetition is worth noting.

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