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Is it possible to disable music controls on the S10+ LED View case?


I love this case but the touch controls are very annoying, especially as they show up when closing the case. I frequently find that when listening to music, I have to be very careful about closing the case to put the phone in my pocket. Please give us the option to disable this.


In fact, the LED view case really needs way more options, such as disabling touch controls, preventing that annoying notification reminder (at least I think that's what it is - I have notification reminders turned off but I regularly get that circle animation thing go off), per app notification settings, LED timeout length , whether or not the LEDs turn on when closing the case etc . All of the logic for this is on the phone so I can't imagine there are any hardware barriers to implementation.

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That is horrible. Must only work on Spotify then. Sorry I couldn't help 😢


Please make it so we can switch it off, I listen to audiobooks a lot and it messes up my playback off the book. Skipping parts. 


Same here, its really annoying.



The fix is out. Try manually updating your phone to make sure you have the latest patch. That fixed the issue . It should say "security patch level: 1 September 2019".

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