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Is it possible to disable music controls on the S10+ LED View case?


I love this case but the touch controls are very annoying, especially as they show up when closing the case. I frequently find that when listening to music, I have to be very careful about closing the case to put the phone in my pocket. Please give us the option to disable this.


In fact, the LED view case really needs way more options, such as disabling touch controls, preventing that annoying notification reminder (at least I think that's what it is - I have notification reminders turned off but I regularly get that circle animation thing go off), per app notification settings, LED timeout length , whether or not the LEDs turn on when closing the case etc . All of the logic for this is on the phone so I can't imagine there are any hardware barriers to implementation.

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Hey man,

Yeah I realized that allready.  I've been using the case like thatl for a while but sometimes the music started playing in my pocket. Very annoying when you are in public space.

I now choose the option to turn off any notifications off my Spotify and podcast app. So be it.



I had the phone going off in really bad situations, so I had to find a solution. It will hower permanently disable the cover:


1. Remove the phone from the cover and take off the sticker on the inside of the cover.


2. Carefully remove the pcb placed bellow the sticker.


This will completely disbale the LED display.



Pathetic , even after blocking notification music player still appears on LED screen. Request all to send 1:1 message to CEO through this link.


Hat es geklappt? Bekomme das irgendwie nicht hin. Mal ist die Musik Wiedergabe übers Cover da mal nicht. Finde die total nervig...


I agree this has just got more pathetic.


I dont even have my Music app activated and now when I close the cover it shows up on the screen and while in the pocket it plays.


So this has been happening for months now to everyone and yet Samsung has not replied or doing anything about it.


I even have the music settings blocked for LED Cover and it still shows up.

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This problem/bug is starting to be a real pain. I was use to the media controls coming up when closing the case when I had music playing but now with it coming up all the time (even when no music app loaded), ready to dump this case. I use to part open the case and then close to get the time quickly, no more.

Hope they get a fix for this soon and even better would be the ideas posted in the first post (extra controls, etc).


Its doing my head in to be honest. Samsung need to fix this asap

Oh my god, yes. Mine is forever playing music because of this issue. I have to have my media volume at zero all the time otherwise it just randomly starts playing 😡
I had the exact same problem, was fine for a couple of months since since launch date of the S10 until like a week or two ago. Probably a software update that caused it... kept on playing music when I closed it and put it in my pocket.

To fix it, I took the phone out of the cover. You'll see a sticker with some info at the bottom. Peel it off and place it at the top of the cover under the gap. Then take a piece of small paper and cover the area that you just exposed.

Put your phone back into the cover and Bob's your uncle.
Until Samsung brings out a fix, this is my alternative. Use it, don't use it...
When the fix comes, just put back the metalic sticker against the pins and reverse everything...

Isnt that pathetic, with the money we spend on so called latest LED cover case.


And we have to resort to ripping of labels and doing a Macgyver on something that should have worked since it was released.


Does Samsung actually read posts put on the Samsung forum, why hasnt someone answered this stupid bug?



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