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I cant swipe on space bar for second language on s10e

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Can you please tell me how to get my second language back on keyboard. Everything was working fine before and now its suddenly gone. I think I recently updated software so could be this but not sure


This may be due to the One UI 2 update. I'm assuming you're using the default Samsung keyboard. Swiping the space bar now acts as a cursor scroll, instead of swapping languages. Try pressing and holding on the space bar instead. If this does not work, make sure you still have a second language registered by navigating to the option in the Settings app.


Let me know how you get on!



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No it didn't. I had to reset settings and turn it off. Then I changed my settings back to how i wanted it. The language was always there as it didnt delete the download. Seems a bit temperamental to be honest, but all sorted now.
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