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How to return my S10 ?

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 I pre-ordered a Samsung S10 plus and then had a change in mind I’ve been trying to contact customer services to return the thing. I’ve emailed them several times and phoned  them every single day but have given up after being on hold for several hours each time .  Today’s effort is 2 hours and 40 minutes and still holding!

 Any ideas would be welcomed, thank you.




Did you try chat option on Samsung website? I chatted with an agent and he asked me to contact the experience centre from where I bought the phone. I wasted only 30 mins anyway. It’s been that kind of journey with S10 so far


 Hi thanks for your reply, yes I contacted live chat and they phoned me and then transferred me to customer service where I proceeded to wait for four hours without them answering. This is beyond any poor customer service I’ve ever experienced and absolutely ridiculous. I am now on hold again now and have been for 1 hour 45 minutes.

I really am starting to very  frustrated with this .


I clicked "return" next to my phone on the Orders menu. I was taken to a shipping label to print.  Seemed a little too easy compared to your experiences. However, I'm concerned that I won't get a full refund.

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