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How long will the Galaxy Buds take to arrive?


How long does it take to receive the Galaxy buds?


I have been successful and now the track my claim page reads 'Validated' does this mean it is the last phase per say and I shall be recieving my ear buds soon? Or will there be an email follow up saying 'Dispatched' etc.


Thank you!

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I still don't have mine either. Excuse after excuse for  Samsung. Had the apology email 13 days ago saying they would be dispatched within 10 days at the latest . Delays on the phone delivery and now Been on holiday and back and going again this weekend and the only time I use my earphones so now when do turn up they will sit till next year before used. 

Been with Apple for 10 years might go back next year.

I've finally got them, nearly 7 weeks later.....

***** lucky! I was supposed to have mine delivered April 17th but either FedEx ***** up or Samsung did, or they got stolen after delivery idk? But now going through long process to get them replaced! Jus got an email yesterday from Samsung that said i have to make up an affidavit saying I never got them and sign it and then send it to em n then wait another week to get them reissued!

Relax Jim... Just Relaxxxxx.

Hi everyone,


I've only just ordered a new tarrif with the S10e today but been told that the new contract wont start until mid November. Does this mean I won't be able to apply for the buds?? I really want them but dont know how to claim as I dont have any evidence yet... went through my Three customer service. Any ideas on what evidence do I need them to send me so I can go ahead with the request for the ear buds?

You need your IEMI Number that's on your phone.
A picture of your receipt as proof of purchase.
Date of purchase.
They also prefer you to claim on your newly purchased phone.
I am claiming my buds on a purchase of the S10. A celebratory 10th year free gift.
The small print said last date to claim was Oct 23rd 2019.
Hope this was helpful...
Is this the same promotion you are claiming your gift on?

You will receive an email saying they are on the way to you.
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