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How long will the Galaxy Buds take to arrive?


How long does it take to receive the Galaxy buds?


I have been successful and now the track my claim page reads 'Validated' does this mean it is the last phase per say and I shall be recieving my ear buds soon? Or will there be an email follow up saying 'Dispatched' etc.


Thank you!



Whats not the point??

Maybe next time just read the terms and conditions! The claims process is very straight forrward and at no point does it say you'll be receiving with the phone. 

You got to have some patience man @

. Also it's not Samsung's fault you didn't read the T&C's. Take a deep breath and

be prepared to wait the stated 30 days. IF you've not received them after 30, then you might have a good reason to spit the dummy out. Not meant in a bad way.:thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type:

I'm not sure how it works overseas as I am in the US but I just received my tracking number as of today and I will be receiving my buds in 2 days. I registered through the Shop Samsung app the first day I received my Galaxy S10 Plus and it was accepted and approved within 10 minutes.. good luck everybody.. 

If you had a possible 1000 spend on gadgets that you clearly dont need .just wanting an upgrade then maybe pay for the measly 130 pound ear buds and stop pretending you wont get those upgrades on the monthly anyway

complete joke they make you do this considering they ahve al your information already from when you buy the phone!  My experience of buying this phone ahs been completely awful

I didn't buy the phone for 670 just for the free headphones so they are a bonus if and when they arrive. Took 14 days to validate my claim then said 30 days from 19th of March so not long now if they do arrive.

Think I replied to wrong comment Haha sorry first timer

Your *****! A month later and they still havent shipped most peoples Galaxy Buds! *****tiest promo anyones ever done!

Your gonna be lucky if you get the Buds by May! 30 days is wrong! Yeah, my email said the same thing! Said the latest i should get em was April 15th, even after my registration was validated by March 9th! Shoot i was one of the 1st people at best buy to actually pick up my phone on March 8th, submitted my registration almost immediately, it was validated the 9th and approved the 11th with a "you will receive the promotional item within 30 days!" Email! Then you contact Samsung and they say no, the email is wrong, they are telling people 6-8 weeks before you get the email telling you its shipped!

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