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How do you claim the galaxy ear buds with the pre order of s10

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So I bought the pre order s10 and it said I can claim some ear buds but cant find it anywhere 

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@Kriegar wrote:

Don't trust them when support say they will contact you back... They NEVER do.


Samsung has quite literally the worst support team I have ever experienced.

Well the staff surely have been overwhelmed with calls due to server errors. Give them a break.

are we all customer focused all the time. Patience is a virtue.

Managed to do it on first go today, got confirmation screen but no email. Time will tell if it worked I guess. 

I'm going to try keep my confirmation screen open on a tab so I have the claim number etc just in case. 

When try to claim my buds, on the first step it says that my IMEI number is wrong... Please anyone help!

Are you sure it says it`s wrong? for me it only said to double check (to prevent any typos I think), if you press next again and you`re sure your IMEI is correct you`ll see the next page without any problems.

Well I can not type in the field where is the IMEI number. And when I come to step 1 the field is already filled with my IMEI number by default. I double check it and it is the correct one, but when I click next it gives me this error that says that the IMEI number is not correct.

Anyone getting the error 'not avaliable in your country'? I am living in Switzerland and i know for sure that it is...

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I can't find the option to claim. I did select to trade in my old device...does that make a difference?

@BenvZ wrote:

Op je telefoon naar Samsung Members en daar naar Voordelen. Daar kan je op de claimknop drukken

Weet jij of iemand anders wat er wordt bedoeld met een kopie van het pre-orderbewijs?


Hier wordt om gevraagd bij het indienen van de claim.


Ik heb bij het ophalen van de telefoon alleen de kassabon gekregen bij de T-Mobile  shop en daar staat alleen de datum van ophalen op ( 8 maart).

i get to the address part, it asks to put in my postcode to find my address and it cant find it. i manually put it in and comes up with an error, anyone else had this problem?

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