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How do you claim the galaxy ear buds with the pre order of s10

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So I bought the pre order s10 and it said I can claim some ear buds but cant find it anywhere 

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@B83 wrote:

They only had 132,000 of these free Galaxy buds to give out and I heard if they ran out Samsung would give you the value of the Galaxy buds on credit so you can buy what you want from them. Luckily I was able to grab a pair and surprisingly they will be here in 2 days. A lot earlier than the expected week of April 1st which is what they stated. Good luck everybody..

So you’ve received confirmation from the courier that they have your buds, and you also have a tracking number.



Just checked mine claim this morning and its changed to 'Processed'. Hopefully this means they'll be delivered soon!


Yes I did receive a tracking number and here is a screenshot of the email I received. Here is the email that I received.Here is the email that I received.



Thats a US email, so has no bearing on the EU or UK markets... 

Also the UK are using DX and not FedEx


I upgraded from s7 through vodafone so shouldn't be an issue as long as you preordered.


So Samsung will try there best to wiggle there way out of approving your claim.

Phoned up today to be told due to me recieving a discount by a family member in my local 02 store (it was a discount on my tarrif by 02), that am now not eligible to recieve the free gift.

Absoloute Joke!!

One of the reasons for going for the s10 was the free buds.

Is there anything i can do or is it out of my hands now?

That's why I said in a previous post that I didn't know if it was different overseas. Of course I assumed that FedEx didn't operate over your way. I was just showing where I am with the status of my Galaxy Buds.

You have to get Validated status


Sorry to hear that such pain in the ass is that claiming game


So quick update


Czech samsung bonus team stated: I have not registered in bonus program together with preorder (I should have done it together with preorder and cannot do it now), so I cant get my buds with the promo.


UK, Austia, France, USA do not require pre registration with pre order (you simply submit your bill and other details and that's it), but apperently CZ are special...


I've decided to return the phone and never buy Samsung products again... never say never but that's not how you should treat your customers.



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