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Home screen disappeared 2


Bumped an old thread but then thought maybe not best idea to bump a thread marked "solved" so I will post this again here.




From Canada.  I was in the US for a month.  Phone worked fine.

Just returned to Canada.  Rebooted my phone upon landing at the airport and all of my Home Screens Apps are gone.  Same amount of Home pages that auto add when I bought the phone and as used on my last phone (Samsung S7) but all of them blank.  


All of the Apps can still be accessed via the App button but just none on the Home Pages.  I can add an App from the button to the Home Screen if I want.


I am searching around for answers.  Saw the 'Solution" in this forum.  Tried it, but to no avail.


Any help appreciated.



Hi @DavidBally. It may be better to seek technical assistance to get this sorted, you can get in touch with Samsung Support Canada here


Thx, CarloL 


I was able to go into :


- "Settings"

- "Accounts and Backup"

- "Restore Data"


and uncheck everything but 

- "Home Screen"


And using the Restore option it reset to the last restore point date.


Not a perfect solution as I had added a few App's since but an acceptable one, as I could just manually re-add the newer ones that were not there.

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