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HDR applied even when it's set to OFF


Hi there! I've been playing a bit with the wide angle camera today, and I notice a weird bug.

Whether I set the HDR to on or off, pictures always come out with a hdr look.

I take the picture, and if I immediately open it in the camera roll, I see it changing from normal to HDR, as if it  gets processed a couple of seconds after being shot. I tried to disable all the image enchantments but the result is the same, an hdr sky that I really do not like. 

Only way to have a normal looking picture is to use pro mode, but you can't use it with the wide angle lens... anyone else noticed this issue?


Thanx for the suggestion! I'll check it out. 👍 I hope it's not necessary to be a computer guru to install different config files to use auxiliary cameras...

I've just installed (better to say tried to install) GCam by Arnova 7.4. On the first launch i got an error message the application always stops - so i could only quit. Tried to place the proper xml config file for samsung to the right place (under GCam/Configs7) but it did not helped (app quits immediately on launch without showing up its interface). I know this thread is not about how to install GCam mod, but actually i don't know what to do. I have Exynos cpu. Does GCam work only with Snapdragon?

So the generic GCam is for the Snapdragon version only. There's an Exynos version as well called ZGcam but it stands at the v6.1 equivalent to GCam and unfortunately as i saw it doesn't support auxiliary cameras even if the config file for S10+ is loaded. ☹️


S10 Plus, october 2020. Still an issue, hdr ALWAYS on and me, as a professional photographer, I am amazed that the photo size is getting smaller on samsung devices, but the "megapixels" are increasing. The S10 has the "performance" of taking photos, in daylight, of maximum 3-4 mb, that means there isn't much info in that file. For example, my s7 takes the same picture with something around 7-8 mb, and my D850 takes pictures ranging from 15-20mb to infinity, depending on settings.

Basically - an incredible crappy software on a camera on an over 1000 euro phone.

Honestly funniest thing ever: I just tried HDR on and off, and it looks like when it's on the sky doesn't become that weird HRD blue and it actually looks like HDR is off. Hahaha! So it works the other way around?!

Anyway, what I really wanted to say is that my issue slowly turned from the whole post-processing and HDR ugliness issues to more like the whole system of the camera. I think this digital post-processing and colour profile etc, digital noise are just really bad on Samsung. I'm also making professional photos, mostly on film and I just can't accept the quality of these pictures.


This is not how a digital photo should look like in 2020. A small digital machine (from Minolta) 15 years ago made a better photo then these. But I'm not so mad at Samsung as I see iPhone 11 is using the exact same terrible post-processing.

I ordered a Pixel 5 last week, hopefully, it will arrive soon. I'm done with this sh*t. Stock android and that camera will be amazing, I'm sure of it.



I'm using the Pro mode now with the shadows slide at 3+ and highlights at 1+. but my old and cracked s7 edge is better and still taking underwater photos :))


Don't be naive guys, I doubt we'll be able to turn off HDR ever again. Now AI decides how your pictures should look like. This is called Computional photography. And this is the reason I'm taking my camera with me whenever possible. And for the same reason I'm looking elsewhere when my S10 will die. Samsung has probably the crapiest HDR overprocessing. If I really have to shoot with the phone I use PRO mode, for its slightly more subtle approach.

If done right, AI can gather nice photos. (Pixels). Somebody at Samsung should be fired for thinking their current processing is best. I mean if I take a photo with the Samsung camera app (which I don't even use anymore for a couple reasons) I don't have any dark shadows in my photos. I mean seriously, why are they afraid of some shadows? Now I can just go ahead and edit the photos or shoot pro mode and edit the raws which I'd prefer..however the bigger issue with the camera system still remains "shutter lag" forget trying to take pics of kids in slightly lower lit areas...the shutter lag will destroy every photo.


Solution! Use a Gcam mod instead of Samsung's crappy camera app. It fixes every issue I have. I mean just look in the galaxy store at Samsung camera app and check those there hideous.

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Well...It's the same F**king issue in the S20+
Very annoying!
I manage to do little workaround to get some less Samsung's-HDRish-processing.
I activate one of "my filters" (which I decreased to minimum) and took the shot. Its seems that is kind of works.
Will need to check it in several situations. BUT IT STILL ANNOYING!!!!  

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To add to the party, of course I immediately switched off all Samsung smarts (with adb) like Bixby.  Also switched off HDR in the camera but every time I take a shot it suggests to switch on HDR to 'fix' lighting. Well, I don't like too much fixing.

How  does one get rid of this stupid notification?

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