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HDR applied even when it's set to OFF


Hi there! I've been playing a bit with the wide angle camera today, and I notice a weird bug.

Whether I set the HDR to on or off, pictures always come out with a hdr look.

I take the picture, and if I immediately open it in the camera roll, I see it changing from normal to HDR, as if it  gets processed a couple of seconds after being shot. I tried to disable all the image enchantments but the result is the same, an hdr sky that I really do not like. 

Only way to have a normal looking picture is to use pro mode, but you can't use it with the wide angle lens... anyone else noticed this issue?

Yes. You actually can. Image post-processing was improved a lot in Note10+. S20/S20+ cameras are free of bugs. S20Ultra has auto focus issues because of inferior (to S20/S20+!) focus system. :face-with-tears-of-joy: That's is so funny actually. :face-with-tears-of-joy:

I wanna see a photo in the nature made with s20 with and w/o HDR

I tried S20 Ultra in official Samsung market.

1. HDR still always applied to photos in standard mode (even if HDR checkbox is turned off).

2. 108mp mode shots the photos without HDR.

3. Pro mode can't shoot wide angle and 108mp photos.


Bug is still not resolved. Congratulations, Samsung!

I think it's time to realize it is not a bug. Always on HDR is here to please the masses. 

HAHAHAHHA, omg. no more samsung for me really, next phone is pixel or one plus

HDR is turned off but picture post processing is always on. The same comes to iPhone 11 Pro, Pixel 4 and other serious smartphones.

You can turn off post processing by using Pro mode (with some limitations, like: no 108MP mode, no ultra wide angle shots) or you can try to use Open Camera app which bases on Camera API 1.0 or 2.0. All Galaxy S cameras (from Galaxy S6 to the newest models) supports Camera API 2.0. Unfortunately Open Camera has the same limitations as Pro Mode (12MP mode, no ultra wide angle).

Galaxy S20/S20+ has other set of issues like: HOT PIXELS on the main sensor. :winking-face: Checked 5 units os S20 and S20+ they're having a lot of visible white dots on the 'dark test image'. :winking-face: This is very, very disappointing. 😞

This post processing is not only post processing. The device makes more than one shot for apply this post process. When I made the photo and fast clicked on result photo, I see the photo is not post processed and there is overexposed parts, which turns to restored from another photo - it going before my eyes.

Probably it will be great to decompile and modify official camera.

I often using Open Camera for my S10+, but Ultra Wide is available in camera list. Also there are standard, selfile, ultra-wide, selife-2 cameras which can be switched. Tele-photo lens (x2) is not available in open camera due to limitations of smartphone (Only official camera can use x2 lens).

Conclusion: there is no ideal application for each case.

I confirm the above! I also see that the phone applies the HDR effect in front of my eyes quickly when I open the gallery quick enough.

This has been annoying me a lot, because I came from an iPhone XS, which I complained a lot about this extra native HDR layer impossible to switch off. Used a pixel 3a and loved how the HDR was natural and reliable and got disappointed as soon as I bought the Note 10. In the last update they improved a lot the image processing but still this auto HDR is there even when turned off in settings. It's even more prominent in selfies, when it detects my face, it gets pale in preview and after taking the picture, it immediately applies more face filter, smooth effect and sharpening on top of it to look "better", the result is always not my original skin color. I realized this filter is deactivated when you make burst photos, because the processor cannot cope with applying the HDR layer in such a high speed shutter burst, so I found a tweak.

In the last update to One UI 2.1, the burst is activated when you slide down the shutter button, and I noticed that immediately before the burst starts, the filter is deactivated. So when I wanna take a picture without any HDR filter, I slide down the shutter and release immediately, to it switches off the filter, starts the burst but it takes only one shot. This shot has a single image layer, so sometimes it's noisy.

I'm using a Gcam port that works nicely for the back camera and this tweak for the others, but soon I'll replace my Note 10, maybe back to Huawei or a Pixel 4a. Hope it helps

We shouldn't have to jump through hoops to get a 1000 euro phone to work. F*ck sake. 


I have a Samsung S20 Ultra 5G for work now and the camera is still shiiiiiiiit. Its laughable. 

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