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HDR applied even when it's set to OFF


Hi there! I've been playing a bit with the wide angle camera today, and I notice a weird bug.

Whether I set the HDR to on or off, pictures always come out with a hdr look.

I take the picture, and if I immediately open it in the camera roll, I see it changing from normal to HDR, as if it  gets processed a couple of seconds after being shot. I tried to disable all the image enchantments but the result is the same, an hdr sky that I really do not like. 

Only way to have a normal looking picture is to use pro mode, but you can't use it with the wide angle lens... anyone else noticed this issue?


Let's be honest, Samsung quality control is hanging apart right now and they are reeling from the embarrassment that was the "pioneering" fold.


I doubt their focus is on fixing this camera along with everything else wrong with the wont be fixed any time soon.


The game is lost IMO, Samsung hardware and cameras have completely failed in the present smartphone company and the S10 will NEVER be able to come close to the current flagship stack. I mean, the Pixel 3a camera absolutely wrecks the S10 at a fraction of the cost. Just imagine what the Pixel 4 is going to do to it.


Sad times.


First time I have ever thought of my Samsung phone as a "meh" device and it truly is right now.


I needed a phone quick and liked how the S10 looked and felt and couldn't be bothered switching to the (what i think is inferior) Huawei EMUI. 


A bit grim that the only praise I can give a £1000 device is how it looks and feels. That is deep into Apple territory but Samsung owners are not as loyal. Risky times for Samsung.



I totally agree. Even compared to S8 (at it's own time) it doesn't feel innovative. They took away the LED light, Cinema AMOLED colour setting (I really miss these. But of course I like the phone anyway, cause it performs nicely everyday, but Samsung made feel really stupid, when spent all this money on the S10 and my next phone might not be a Samsung. I used to have and iPhone and I honestly miss the quality of the camera and their extremely smooth os.


Anyways, you guys should install the kinda hacked Google Camera. The contrast and the colours are significantly better with it. Google it!

Lol! Professional.


Guys, Full factory reset helped.

Finally, I can see the difference between HDR on and off.



Interesting! Might consider a full factory reset..

Could you post an example with On Off and Pro?

The sky still looks a bit HDResque even on the Off... just want to be sure that the reset helps before starting!:) thank you!

@ouideer wrote:

Guys, Full factory reset helped.

Finally, I can see the difference between HDR on and off.



it surely did work. its a good day, cheers. SPOT ON.:sun-with-face:

Having done a factory reset after the June update (2 actually, just to tidy up and rule other issues out) I am still seeing the issue.


And a factory reset is not a solution regardless. It just says that some part of an update has left your phone in a state that cannot be fixed.






Honestly, I just wanted to send you a test and it looks like the HDR thing is somehow back.

I can't believe this *****. After I make a photo the HDR somehow gets applied on the normal photo.

I'm gonna use GCam, or sell this phone, I don't know, but this is really annoying.

Op here. I returned my phone and went back to the iPhone. I know I know. But it's ***** like this that makes me want to never trust Samsung again.


I've treid full factory resets many times and have never seen the problem go away. As far as I know Samsung has NEVER addressed the issue and is probably just letting time go by until the next phone because  most people don't notice. 

Sure I miss the bell sand whistles, but I also want a $1000 to work as it's supposed to.

Oops. I'm not the Op!c I thought this was my thread about the same issue. Sorry real Op!
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