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HDR applied even when it's set to OFF


Hi there! I've been playing a bit with the wide angle camera today, and I notice a weird bug.

Whether I set the HDR to on or off, pictures always come out with a hdr look.

I take the picture, and if I immediately open it in the camera roll, I see it changing from normal to HDR, as if it  gets processed a couple of seconds after being shot. I tried to disable all the image enchantments but the result is the same, an hdr sky that I really do not like. 

Only way to have a normal looking picture is to use pro mode, but you can't use it with the wide angle lens... anyone else noticed this issue?


As you can see below, first picture taken in pro mode does not show the sky in the window.

Second picture taken with normal mode, with HDR off, shows the sky... if i turn hdr on i get the same result






anyone has the same isue?

I have this same issue and found your post  Have an s10+  and hdr applies even when I turn it off. 

Same for me and picture quality are really bad my last galaxy if they  don't  improve that camera !! Software

This camera problems need to be sorted QUICK because it's very annoying that a 1000$ phone takes pictures so badly

Same with my phone. Picures look the same with HDR on and off. No contrsst, no sharpnes, no details especially near the borders. My OnePlus 6T takes nicer and more deailed, less orocessed photos and is 2x cheaper. Going to do some more testing and probably going to return the S10+. Camera this bad on 1000€ phine is unacceptable. Oh, and I almost forgot how bad videos in interior look. Absolutly horrible, grainy...

I had a front camera picture where it definitely applied, we were very strongly backlit but nothing was blown out or heavily underexposed. And I've seen definitely hdr-like edge fringing around a shot of buildings I took with the rear camera. Weird/annoying. Another reason why no ultrawide in pro mode is annoying too if you can't turn this stuff off.


Same issue here with Samsung Galaxy S10. Photos attached.

As Ale87 pointed out it is ridicilous that an issue like this doesn't get fixed immidiately on an (almost) 1000 bucks phone.

I also do have to say I can't ever imagine an obvious issue like this would ever happen on any iPhone. Not to mention the pointlessness and ugliness of the HDR it self.  

Samsung, get your ***** together!

HDR offHDR offPro modePro mode

This is the reply i got from samsung support team... "hopefully" it can resolved... WTF


Screenshot_20190510-110838_One UI Home.jpg



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