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Has anyone received their buds yet? (UK)?


Hi all, it seems like people are starting to receive their buds- I had a text and email from Samsung on the 12th March advising that my claim had been validated. However, still no buds (I know it says 30 days)- infuriatingly though when you go into 'track my claim' it does not give a tracking number for the courier- which would put my mind at ease. I figure they are shipping direct from China. Are there any mods who are able to advise how, if at all, to obtain the tracking number?


If so, please do advise and I'll PM you my number/ email address.


Anyone else in a similar situation?



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@Banksybird wrote:

@KillYourIdols  I just got my email from DX coming tomorrow!! Yippee 😃


Lucky, Lucky person!

At least it seems more and more people are getting shipping notifications. I'll just sit here and wait....:thinking-face:

@KillYourIdols hopefully you won't be waiting too long 🤞

Mine is still only validated lol

Same, just got an e-mail from DX that they will be delivered tommorow. After the status has been 'Processed' it took them about a day for confirming the delivery.

PS. For those curious I have filed the claim on the 8th of March and my status has been set to validated the same day and it hasn't been set to 'Processed' up until like 3-4 days ago.
Mine still just says validated. In any event tomorrow's the day 👍

Mine says thisScreenshot_20190327-174446_Samsung Internet.jpg


My only issue is I thought that they were in the box with the phone .. I mean I did get the £1399 paid for outright model so excuse me for thinking that 🤣

Has anyone received their PHONE?

Meant to come on Saturday and hasn't arrived. 

Website says dispatching since 21st March

The support desk not based in the UK is rubbish. Promises of call backs from managers to provide and update that never happen etc.

Just want to know when it's coming no one can tell me.

I'm going to cancel and move to Huwaie or Apple. I've been chasing for 5 days now. Sat in all day Saturday. Waited around for ring backs. Terrible customer service.

Ordering this phone I had issues due to the incorrect postcode, took two weeks and 3 days to get the money back on a pre ordered device because they couldn't just update the address .. I was not impressed.

I received my phone on release day as soon as the store opened, and was lead to believe the buds would be sent by the 20th, as I said in my last post mine from the 8th took until the 13th to validate and still nothing and literally up to today no one had recieved theirs  some got validated after me yet already have theirs some havnt even got the phone yet? The process makes no sense.


My point was a preorder gift is if you preorder to make sure your the first batch of phones I did just that and am still waiting for my preorder bonus which quite frankly is a joke then I get dogged out by others seeking the same answers lol everyone on here is entitled to these and updates as to when or in what order they are to be shipped would stop people worrying and creating these forum posts! Instead of childish insults let's stick to why this forum post was created!


I guess the wait continues.....

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