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Has anyone received their buds yet? (UK)?


Hi all, it seems like people are starting to receive their buds- I had a text and email from Samsung on the 12th March advising that my claim had been validated. However, still no buds (I know it says 30 days)- infuriatingly though when you go into 'track my claim' it does not give a tracking number for the courier- which would put my mind at ease. I figure they are shipping direct from China. Are there any mods who are able to advise how, if at all, to obtain the tracking number?


If so, please do advise and I'll PM you my number/ email address.


Anyone else in a similar situation?



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Hi, I recieved my text on 20th March, it's now 16th April and still nothing to say that they've been dispatched?

As someone earlier said, they are really worth the wait, mine arrived last week and I am delighted, the buds were not the reason for my moving to the s10, I pre ordered without knowing about the buds, so they were a bonus. 

I didnt expect them to arrive on time, far from it, previous experiences were far from realistic when it came to arrival time frames.


35 days for me today and nothing

How long did people generally have to wait after the tracker got updated to processed? Mine just changed this morning but no further emails yet

I received my buds last week and the delivery page has still not been updated... Still showing validated and sent to fulfilment... So it looks like these can be sent out and nothing updated after... I'm not the first noticing this but just strange that after a week still not updated... I'm based in Dublin fyi... So don't be surprised if your tracking page does not get updated at all

If you don't mind me saying, you seem to be massively over-reacting to this and your anger is out of all proportion to the issue.  The phone comes with wired buds.  The wireless ones are being offered separately free-of-charge.  It is a bonus.  If you don't receive them in 6 months your phone will still work as advertised. 

Seriously....I know the phrase "first world problems" is over-used, but if this is your "worst experience ever" you simply haven't lived and if you have a thousand £ to drop on a phone you are living the high-life my friend.  Get some perspective!

There's always one keyboard warrior  !!!

No, it's not the end of the world, I'm simply asking a question.

Feel free to do one !

Response wasn't aimed at you, sorry.  Referring to this one:


@Jlacombe wrote:

It sucks! I was so pissed when Samsung told me they have 6 to 8 weeks til i receive an email with the shipping info I legit was gonna return my S10+! U pay $1000 for the phone in hopes to get the earbuds too pretty quick! I was one of the 1st person in the States to pick it up on March 8th for the release! I could have f***** waited a weeks and just bought the f***** phone second hand and also bought the buds from someone who actually received them early and didnt want em and still paid less! F***** insane and stupid! Worst experience ever!


Can't seem to delete this...

Got mine after 27 days. Got validated after couples days,then just waited. Still can't believe so many people are losing the plot over headphones.
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