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Has anyone received their buds yet? (UK)?


Hi all, it seems like people are starting to receive their buds- I had a text and email from Samsung on the 12th March advising that my claim had been validated. However, still no buds (I know it says 30 days)- infuriatingly though when you go into 'track my claim' it does not give a tracking number for the courier- which would put my mind at ease. I figure they are shipping direct from China. Are there any mods who are able to advise how, if at all, to obtain the tracking number?


If so, please do advise and I'll PM you my number/ email address.


Anyone else in a similar situation?



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@Fudgy31 wrote:

@MIKEY280 send an email to and push them,  they will tell you when they will be delivered.  My respose was:


Good afternoon,


Thank you for your email.


We are able to confirm that a delivery has been arranged for Wednesday  10th April


This delivery will take place anytime between 8:00 and 18:00 hours. 


Kind Regards



Contact Centre Advisor
0333 241 0333

DX Address: DX 500000, Northampton 30

Postal Address: PO Box 390, Northampton, NN3 6YG


I haven't had a tracking number yet to reference it, is our claim number reference ?


I've not received anything. Status still validated. 

email saying dispatched 10 days at the latest is today. But not going to grumble too much. 30 days started after 14 days of owning the phone.

So claims are active from 23 day after the last possible day you can return the phone. 

So only been 38 days realistically. 

I claimed mine on 15th day of ownership. 

By looks of it, mistake on my part. Should have claimed sooner as no doubt I'm bottom of the list. 

So I'll just keep waiting. Free after all. 

Complete failure of a promotion on Samsungs part. 


Ive been on processed since Friday just. You prob would have got them quicker giving your  Canadian address. It seems to me that they have prioritised countries where apple has the majority. Trying to get onside with them to pry them away from apple


I ordered on march 8th when i got phone 

Claim recieved by them was 13th march 

Claim validated by them was 20th march thats when they said they were sending to my home address

On april 16th they said the due to popularity email & said please wait 10 days

On april 18th they sent another email saying another 10 days 

On april 27th I contacted to ask how much longer

Yesturday they contacted me saying they have been sent out with DX delivery & gave me the tracking number

The tracking number isnt recognised it says one or both details are incorect (tracking number & my post code) 

So i dont know whats going on now 


@Gazilla89 you will know next time,  if theirs a next time.  They are worth the wait though,  trust me.  AND despite comments to the contray they linked to my ipad without error.


Aha ive checked again my traching number & post code & this time (attempt 20) its saying there coming on 20th so tomorrow? 

What does there vans look like as ive never seen no DX delivery where i live? 


dont you mean the 30th?

The DX delivery van is white at the front half and light blue at the back half. It'll say 'DX' in light blue writing on the sides.

Good job that someones actually getting them. As far as their vans go, im the same as you. Ive never seen them on the roads

Same as me... it's finally arriving tomorrow.
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