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Has anyone received their buds yet? (UK)?


Hi all, it seems like people are starting to receive their buds- I had a text and email from Samsung on the 12th March advising that my claim had been validated. However, still no buds (I know it says 30 days)- infuriatingly though when you go into 'track my claim' it does not give a tracking number for the courier- which would put my mind at ease. I figure they are shipping direct from China. Are there any mods who are able to advise how, if at all, to obtain the tracking number?


If so, please do advise and I'll PM you my number/ email address.


Anyone else in a similar situation?



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Cover your ears, cup them over your ears they cut out


I submitted my claim for the Galaxy earbuds on the 13th of March same day I received my S10 plus on pre-order and got a confirmation on the same day that my claim had validated successfully and that I would receive the earbuds within 30 days from the courier DX. However, I received an email from DX delivery on the 5th of April that it would be delivered that day to the address I gave on the claim form and it certainly arrived on the day. I received a white one and I would like to think that they have a backlog they are attempting to fulfill at the moment. From previous experience, I would advise you contact their customer service if you have not received the earbuds after 30 days of successful claims validation.


You will get them I received mine 2 days ago! Don't open sell them rubbish sound quality!!! if I had heard music on a set before I received mine they wouwo have been straight up for sale! Poor quality the AKG wired set is a better choice hands down!


I'm not expecting the sound quality to be good. You have to spend big bucks (Momentum's) to get comparable sound in fully wireless buds over your average priced wired. It's just the ease of use I'm looking for, mainly for podcasts and maybe a little music on my way to work. If I'm serious about listening to music, I have my cans at home. Even then I'm probably not listening from my phone.


The thing that concerns me is their range. If they drop audio in my pocket, well then I'm no better off than the cheap pair I use right now.


Either way, if worse comes to the worse I can sell them and put the money towards a more expensive and reliable pair.


Considering these are free for pre-ordering, I can't be too upset if they don't meet my personal standards.


My buds have never cut out whilst using them with my phone in my pocket. But I just think it all comes down to personal preference for everyone about quality etc.

Very disappointed with Samsung, my buds where validated on 13th March & guess what .................nothing! 

It's all been a ploy to get people to pre order the s10 & then wait f..k knows how long for the so called free buds, why didn't they just send them with the phone?

Very poor Samsung !!


@Fudgy31 wrote:

Best settings for my earbuds @KillYourIdols 






Settings > About phone> software information> tap Build Number until you see a pop up (5-6 Times). Backout to the main settings and its at the bottom of the list.




  • Connect Buds
  • Go to Wear app, Set long hold on touch pad to "Volume up/Down"
  • Go to bluetooth settings > 3 Dot Menu > Advanced > Disable "media Volume Sync"
  • Go to Devleloper Options and select "Disable absolute Volume"
  • Insert buds, Play music and hold the Volume up ON THE BUDS
  • Then, Turn volume up on the device

This is as about as loud as they get, but its a marked improvement over stock settings, Mainly because unless you know, turning the volume up on the buds will turn the device volume up, despite the buds not being at their loudest first.


Best Setting in the EQ is, Overall, Dynamic IMO. Bass boost is too Artificial. Personal preference in Dolby Atmos is Movie for slightly more volume and bass for my lugs. Use whatever wing tips/buds block out the most sound (both medium for me)


Does this include when the buds are connected to a smart tv


Will the buds keep the extra volume if we desable developers options or we have to keep it on ?

Validated 13th March so 29 days in.... nothing updated since that day so not feeling hopeful about this 30 day thing as tomorrow is D-Day.... so frustrating but what can you do since it's a freebie.
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