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Has anyone received their buds yet? (UK)?


Hi all, it seems like people are starting to receive their buds- I had a text and email from Samsung on the 12th March advising that my claim had been validated. However, still no buds (I know it says 30 days)- infuriatingly though when you go into 'track my claim' it does not give a tracking number for the courier- which would put my mind at ease. I figure they are shipping direct from China. Are there any mods who are able to advise how, if at all, to obtain the tracking number?


If so, please do advise and I'll PM you my number/ email address.


Anyone else in a similar situation?



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Yeh, got mine today, 28th March.

I was pretty fast at redeeming my claim. Got phone on day of launch and ordered buds same day.

@Hobbitsean ditto

Still waiting for my email 😥


My claim was validated on the 9th. I will heard nothing since. What happened to first come, first served?


Did any of you that have had the dx email checked their claim tracker?

Ive not had the email and claim tracker has been on processed for the last few days but i check tonight and it can't find my claim


Mine is the same 

Yeah. I received the DX e-mail earlier today. I just checked the claim tracker and it says:

"Claim Status Processed
Your claim has been processed.

If you have not yet received your reward it will be with you shortly."
Thanks for checking. Looks like im going to have to contact them
No probs

Mine says the same thing 'processed' didn't get no email though 

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