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Galaxy S10Plus Call recording


Our issue with Samsung Galaxy S9plus & S10Plus is about the call recorder if not working we will not buy s10plus which I'm interested in S10plus 1T.

Till u guys solve the issue don't dreams we will buy ne galaxy 

No problem and it does have a contact (if saved on the phone) in the recorded description) but it also has other characters beforehand so you can't make it out unless you open it in edit mode to view who it is.


Sorry I didn't mention the app, it's in 'my files' where you can access it.


Work like a charm... I did this sim trick on my Note10+ and Note8 with android pie.

Thanks for the explanation. 



no, it is not working on my phone. I changed sim, did factory reset and i have still my language. I have to inspect, whether my phone is locked only for vodafone network...

Hi kb_

it is said before, you have to unlock your sim service provider Vodafone it is.
I did this trick with note8 note 10+ and s10 now i think the problem is Vodafone they locked their phones with a sim lock.
But before i did the sim trick (Becuase i had to wait for my sim card i ordered from Taiwan) i used the app acr unchained.
You can try that, for me it worked perfect. Good luck :smiling-face:

Hello guys,

today I checked my phone and it is not locked to Vodafone. Another service provider is working ok. So I wonder, why i can't do "SIM trick". Is there anyone, who has the same problem on Galaxy S10?


To Franklink: Thanks for tip. I used acr unchained several weeks, but some calls wasn't  recorded and quality is not good as native recording.


Thank you.



There is no way that will be helpful alart from using cube call recorder or  automatic call recorder.  Kindly do not waste your money after any other tricks.  I wasted after sim card,  it didn't work.  However, these two software works not 100% (as none of them records voice over bluetooth connection properly) bht atleast you can taste them before you buy. 


I'm not sure why your phone using a Thai sim is not working nearly everyone on here using the S10 range has worked. It may be the Sim rather than your phone and I would suggest buying another to check. 

If you do buy another, please on the first go follow the instructions step by step. 

Also if you do please let us know how you get on.


Hi Ryan, factory reset phone put thai sim in, asking for network unlock code after about 3 seconds then goes straight to uk so doesn't work.

How long have you had the phone mate ? Network unlock codes are a totally different issue, to help you with that here’s a link,

If you’ve followed the instructions exactly as stated it works on any Samsung including the fold.

Good luck
I've had the phone about 1 month from samsung I used a different sim to the 1 you suggested,
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