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Galaxy S10Plus Call recording


Our issue with Samsung Galaxy S9plus & S10Plus is about the call recorder if not working we will not buy s10plus which I'm interested in S10plus 1T.

Till u guys solve the issue don't dreams we will buy ne galaxy 

Hi...just a simple question.. If i buy / import a Thainland simcard from e-bay (I live in Brazil), is it possible to activate it from my country and then activate the buit in recording features or not ? 

It worked on mine with Snapdragon 855
There's no need to activate the SIM card. You're not going to actually use it. It is only used to trick the phone into believing that it's located in Thailand.

So, You don´t need to be in Thailand do activate the simcard, do you ?



I have bought Thailand sim on ebay (sim traveller), but factory reset doesn't work - after reset I have still my native language (czech). 


My steps: 

1. removed my SIM

2. factory reset and insert thailand sim (tried factory reset when thailand sim inserted)

3. after reboot, there is always my native language.


Tried 10 times, reset from settings and recovery menu - without success.


I have galaxy S10, bought from my service provider - Vodafone.


Can anyone help?











You will need to get the phone unlocked from your network and it will work perfectly.


Good luck Ryan


Hey Ryan23, thanks for sharing this info. Have you been able to install the latest firmware updates from Samsung and have call recording working without hiccups?


Also, could you tell us how you access and browse the recorded calls - does the list show contact names, is it searchable, etc? (or post a screenshot)


Hi Mikewse


The answer to your question regarding updates is yes they install as normal and Samsung pay works as it should.


the second answer to your question is a bit more detailed, I access mine this way although you can use the app.

I go to my call dial pad open the settings through the top dots and go to call recording then select recorded calls, unfortunately it doesn't show contact information clearly when you open it but you select the call and edit it by simply renaming it, I've also added folders for people of importance and find that works really well for me.


I hope that helps and good luck 


Thanks for this info Ryan23. It sounds like automatic phone call recordings are not tagged using Caller ID or contact info? So is the initial name after a recording something like "Recorded Call 2019 Oct 06 2:25 PM"?


You mention that you can use "the app" instead of the dial pad to access the recordings. Is this the normal Voice Recorder app that is available in all countries, or some special app for phone calls?

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