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Galaxy S10Plus Call recording


Our issue with Samsung Galaxy S9plus & S10Plus is about the call recorder if not working we will not buy s10plus which I'm interested in S10plus 1T.

Till u guys solve the issue don't dreams we will buy ne galaxy 

Sure this is the one I used and others I've suggested too and they have had no problems


It's the UK eBay store if your in another country just find the same sim in your local store 


Hope that helps


There are many reasons why people want to record calls but the relevant question is "why should you NOT be able to record calls?

I know a few dim witted states and countries have put restrictions in place but it is a childish and narrow minded solution to what is incorrectly perceived to be a problem.

A more serious use of the legislators time would be in making it illegal for people to amend or falsify recordings.

Recordings themselves are nothing more than a record of what actually happened.  If you are honest and straight-forward in your dealings with other people then you should never have a problem with what you said being replayed for others to hear.

If you disclose personal or private matters over the phone or if you lie then YOU should change YOUR ways instead of expecting everyone else to change theirs.

Anyway, it is a simple matter to make it a condition for apps using Google Playstore that your app issues a warning throughout any recorded call, advising either party to hang up if they object to being recorded.

Most companies routinely record calls in the UK and if you don't like it then write a letter or make a personal visit instead.



I might go ahead and try the Thai SIM idea on my existing Samsung but I'm a bit concerned that my banking app might not work if I do.

Also, I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't close the option down in the (near) future. As already suggested though, for a tenner it is worth a punt.

My next phone will NOT be a Samsung though (nor an Iphone for the same reason).

I am convinced that there is something sinister behind this and I suspect that these giant corporations are actually closing off the call recording apps so that they can later make it possible to record calls through facilities provided by them - and they will then go on to farm and exploit all the information THEY will record about their user's conversations.

Thus meaning that the real justification for introducing the restriction is in fact the very OPPOSITE of protecting privacy.


Totally agree with both of you and thank you for sharing, I use Barclays and NatWest and can confirm both apps are working without issue, hope that helps.


Didn’t work in my case. I am using Samsung galaxy s10 plus. Bought from Samsung UK. I exactly followed the above mentioned steps. However, when phone finishes format it shows me English (UK) as language. I tried finishing everything over wifi. Then checked the option of call recording (which was not available un Phone pad settings)

You must repeat the process it will work.

Ik finally managed to record my calls without root on my dutch S10+ with ACR unchained: Call-recorder-acr-31-4-unchained-release


I tried 8 times. Also, i tried with 2 different Thailand simcard. It didn’t work in my case. I exactly followed the setps. Is there any other solution? I haven’t seen Thai language. It always pops up aa English United Kingdom.


I'm not sure why that may be I know the S10+ in the UK worked perfectly, try the above link mentioned by another user, the link is


I've not tried it but it may work out.

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I was not aware now I need it the most I cannot record gggggrrrrrr

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