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Galaxy s10e USB connection type default in Android Auto

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I've managed to get Android Auto operational with my S10 and 2018 Civic Si. Initially I had trouble with it but some info on Google that suggested it was related to the USB connection mode and it was suggested to switch to developer mode, enable USB Debugging, and then USB Tethering as the default connection style. This worked initially but for whatever reason is does not remember the setting. Even if I select it as default. Every time I remove the phone from the USB or turn the car off and reconnect I am required to pull down the notification screen, select, USB options, and reselect USB tethering.

For whatever reason my selection of making the USB tethering the default connection type is not sticking. It's a pain in the butt to have to reset it every time I hook the phone up in my car.

Any ideas how to fix this?


@RpBP wrote:

Could be radio sytem get another ID or something, in the same menu, try reboque all the USB connection and define again as you did early.


Also it is important to read note in Default Settings USB, for that reason you will need to unblock phone before connect to engined car and working radio system :racing-car::racing-motorcycle::thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type::victory-hand:

I think instruction are clear, only are Notificy System Messages in the menu where you are touching :smiling-face:


Also you can test next option of a Community Friend as a Tasker, could summary a few instructions in only one:

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