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Galaxy S10 Upgrade Program


I've had the email prompting me to login to my upgrade program today to select the S10 model i want to go with.  I fully expect this won't go live until after the launch at 7pm UK time tonight.  However the only web address I can find for the upgrade program comes back with invalid loan number and/or surname when I try to login.  I was just trying to get ahead of the game and check all was working before going for the upgrade later tonight.


Can anyone advise what the correct link is for the UK Galaxy mobile upgrade program?  Can you also check if you get similar errors when trying to login, or is it just me?



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Hi snap my concern too but the Air Pods were in ALL deals via Samsung site whether before or after late voucher delivery. It's another saga though you need to download the Samsung members App and they will be a code in our phone box to claim Pods but only attainable through this silly App!

What a saga a simple upgrade as turned into for so many of us.... let's hope the phone wows us all X we forget all this hassle....


I upgraded my s9+ to the s10+.  After I upgraded I got the email with the voucher code. .. this may have been the first email I recieved,  but was keen to upgrade. . lol. I contacted CS and they told me to email them the email with the code. .. I did this but not received a response yet.  


It was frustrating and I know I can cancel but I was then concerned that I may not be able to upgrade and get the buds.... also  about the credit agreement being done twice.... I just left it as is.... frustrating but there you go. 




Seems we're in same boat the Titanic!

Seriously took 50 minutes to attain a mix of success x failure 

Samsung Shop Customer Care on phone substituted £50 cash discount voucher for Samsung shop vouchers but £80 worth Thought fair. They assured me the air pod voucher would be in new phone box. another Samsung lie as no voucher no code nothing about the free air pod offer when my phone arrives..


Well my on going saga continues, like most of you been through the drama of the £50 voucher that really doesnt exist, and the buds fiasco. But even worse after i sent in my S9 as part of the upgrade program for the S10+ I have now discovered i still have to continue to pay for the S9 i sent back. All they have said is i did not follow the correct link for the original upgrade program. Im in total shock to be honest, i feel like i have been scammed, paying for something i no longer have and yes i got the £300 discount off the S10+ but they got a perfect S9 that was probably worth £500 


Just an update Take Samsung on... Its worth it.. Lodge a time log of your experience to customer care x Samsung shop UK Be pleasant but firm that you seek the benefits of the Samsung Upgrade and state it was their fault for not communicating the correct process procedures prior to the availability of the ne Samsung 10. SO your seeking the settlement of your original plan £50 money off x free Air Buds. If they respond in the negative dint give up You then respond you'll take a court claim for damages via online claim its a simple process but most companies settle as its cheaper than defending etc legal costs. If that fails do the claim it'll cost upfront less than £50 but you'll get it back when claim hopefully succeed it's a no brainer... Good luck I stuck with it x numerous emails but got back the £50 x £140 Pods allbeit in Samsung vouchers they will settle as they know the 1st upgrade of their Programme was a disaster many of us suffered thr no fault of our own!! 


Thanks for the reply, i have already contacted the financial conducts ombudsman in relation to this. So i have sent the email they have advised me to send and am now waiting for a response. I find it sickening they think this proccess is acceptable to treat customers this way. I cannot post the email they sent me as i have been advised not to do so. But needless to say all i got from it was tuff suck it up.

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