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Galaxy S10 Upgrade Program


I've had the email prompting me to login to my upgrade program today to select the S10 model i want to go with.  I fully expect this won't go live until after the launch at 7pm UK time tonight.  However the only web address I can find for the upgrade program comes back with invalid loan number and/or surname when I try to login.  I was just trying to get ahead of the game and check all was working before going for the upgrade later tonight.


Can anyone advise what the correct link is for the UK Galaxy mobile upgrade program?  Can you also check if you get similar errors when trying to login, or is it just me?



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No email here... ordered the s9 and was sent on release day, which I believe was 7th March... will we be sent an email?  Is the code generic, if so share please!  Thanks.


i can proceed through the process but would love the 50 off. 

They send out a return kit to send them back.

I'm also calling about my voucher to see if I can apply it haha.

I think the Pay4Later Mail is just a generic internal one as I received my documents but saw that too
Here ya go boys, the code is

Give it a go but it might be a one timer xx
Righto thanks
Mine is different so it must be unique

No code on my email, are you guys going from S9 to S10 or S9+ to S10+?

S9+ and mail is orientated around going for S10+
That's odd, same as me but no mention of a money off code anywhere. Oh well.
Yeah ive gone from s9+ to s10+👍

mine is still saying i have already upgraded! Ive deleted browser history but still nothing. This is doing my head in, please help!

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