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Galaxy S10 Upgrade Program


I've had the email prompting me to login to my upgrade program today to select the S10 model i want to go with.  I fully expect this won't go live until after the launch at 7pm UK time tonight.  However the only web address I can find for the upgrade program comes back with invalid loan number and/or surname when I try to login.  I was just trying to get ahead of the game and check all was working before going for the upgrade later tonight.


Can anyone advise what the correct link is for the UK Galaxy mobile upgrade program?  Can you also check if you get similar errors when trying to login, or is it just me?



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Im confused. I went through the stages of selecting the s10 i want then the condition of my s9+.


But then it just takes you to the checkout and it looks like you have to open a new upgrade program?? It wants you to start another credit application? So i clicked out of it amd tried all over again but now it says ive already upgraded!




I am due an upgrade in April as part of the upgrade programme and queried via the online chat about getting the ear buds and they assured me I would get them. 

Im due to upgrade in april it says when i try   anyway i can pay and upgrade sooner

same here.. doesnt take into account the value of your phone your handing back????

I've just had this as didn't want to open a new account so clicked out and now says I've upgraded but had no confirmation to say I have upgraded. Waiting on the phone at the moment.

Agree its a bit wierd

From memory of previous times you essentially do start a new one.


They don't cancel off your previous agreement/loan until you've returned your old device.


Once returned and confirmed to be in order as described you'll be seperately contacted by loan team to advise that they've received payment in full for your old loan.


Boys chill! 


Ive just come off the pnone to a very helpfull european man. Basically saying not to worry as the upgrade lounge is still bugged and are still trying to fix. It will let some people in but it is not fixed which is why i think we are having issues actually upgrading our contract instead of opening a whole new one. The kind man said leave it till tomorrow morning and try again. The "your contract has been upgraded already" bit is a bug aparently. Guess ill have to wait and see or ill be calling them again tomorrow.


Is everyone else being asked for £89 deposit as well, I was under the impression I would just send my current phone back and continue the monthly payments.


@Cmoore42 Yes thats correct. When you upgrade your old agreement finishes and you enter into a new 24 month contract.

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