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Galaxy S10 Upgrade Program


I've had the email prompting me to login to my upgrade program today to select the S10 model i want to go with.  I fully expect this won't go live until after the launch at 7pm UK time tonight.  However the only web address I can find for the upgrade program comes back with invalid loan number and/or surname when I try to login.  I was just trying to get ahead of the game and check all was working before going for the upgrade later tonight.


Can anyone advise what the correct link is for the UK Galaxy mobile upgrade program?  Can you also check if you get similar errors when trying to login, or is it just me?



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I had to do via my phone. 

It was quite straight forward.


Good luck everyone!

still down in the UK ..


gives a page saying this ...


It's time to choose your new phone.
When you've made your choice, the next step is to tell us about the condition of your current phone. 



I'm in the UK and it didn't work on Chrome or Edge but via the phone I was upgrading it was fine. Could be a cache issue.
using that link i posted above Lembo ?

Works on PC now


Does the upgrade programme include the ear buds promo or is thatjust pre orders


It'll be interesting if we don't get the buds as the day we recieve the phone (hopefully) would be too late to do anything as the 7th is the last day.


If it does only allow you to 'upgrade' every 24months you could just sell the phone as what was said before and pre-order again but let's not think of the S11 yet 🙂


dead for me


error 500 internal server error ....

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