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Galaxy s10 ultra sonic fingerprint


Hey guys, I received my galaxy s10 2 days ago and ive noticed something, At first the fingerprint sensor is slower and sometimes says "Press harder" or "Keep your finger on the sensor a little longer" however from the first day ive had it until now, the scanner seems to be working even faster so i think as time passes on the finger print sensor recognises your fingerprint more faster. Have you guys noticed this aswell?

It works better now as time goes on the fingerprint scanner actually works way more faster and better

This is quite annoying. 4 Days I've had the phone and every single time, no matter how many times I set it up and no matter how many fingerprints, "Press a little harder" 


Damned by the time you get in your pressing on the screen to high hell. 


Very disappointed with this. 

Got same problem

Overall, I REALLY like my new S10+.  There are a few annoyances, but none enough to warrant returning it.


One such annoyance is this new fingerprint reader.  In theory, I like it.  Very cool, invisible, reasonable position, etc.  Well, let's say, if it WORKED well I would love it.  In practice, I hate everything about it.  


It. Just. Isn't. Reliable.  And compared to the S9+, it's slow as snot.  The S9 would register a fingerprint in around 1/4 second.  This one takes 1/2-1 second.


I've come from a long succession of Galaxy phones, from S3 to S6, S8+, S9+ and now my S10+.  I'm not new to the Galaxy series nor to the top-tier models within each line.


But I have to say, the S8+'s and S9+'s fingerprint readers were an order of magnitude faster and more reliable in virtually every instance.


Getting a "first try" fingerprint to unlock works about 25% of the time for me.  The rest of the time, it's a "try again, try again, cuss, try again, try more....THERE WE GO!"  kind of thing.


I LOVED the location of the S9+ reader; it fell directly under my index finger.  I spent nearly 2 years unlocking that phone on the first try, virtually every time.


The S10+ fingerprint reader requires focus and attention.  Not too soft, not too hard.  Heaven forbid you're walking and trying to unlock the phone at the same time.  It basically isn't working for me.  Most of the time, I just flick up the screen a couple times and wind up drawing my unlock pattern because after 5 tries in 5 seconds I've given up on the fingerprint.


Yes, I've retrained the prints.  Duh. 


They REALLY need to fix this fingerprint reader, hopefully with some firmware update; at this point I've all but abandoned using it because, using my prior S8+ and S9+ as baselines, the S10+'s just doesn't work well.

I could not agree more! 

I was told that if you're having issues with this then the best thing is to add more fingerprints, but of the same finger. I did's worked. I add.. I have an s8 but am waiting to get the s10 so hope you can do this on the s10 too. 

Yea I did this too.
Wanted to write a long post about but didn't.

Because now I can't unlock it with my left hand because there were no fingerprint slots left.

I need all 4 of the same finger in a very special way, to unlock this in any half-decent way.

And it still doesn't recognize in one time when I put the phone away for a while, as it's coming from deep sleep.

I also have 4 fingerprints registered. I feel it's all about a knack of knowing how hard to press and where to place your finger. It's nothing like a good finger print sensor. I had iPhone with it a long time, it's nothing at all like that. 

please tell me were not complaiing about milliseconds here?

@Fudgy31 wrote:

please tell me were not complaiing about milliseconds here?

Lol, i have had just one thumb print recorded and never had any issues at all with my s10+. I had a huawei mate 20 pro which had same in screen recognition, never had any problem.


Here is a tip, When you record your print on the phone, add it the way you would unlock it if that makes sense, like if its at an angle or whatever. Dont record your thumb print pure straight in line with the screen do it at the comfortable angle you unlock it.

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