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Galaxy s10 ultra sonic fingerprint


Hey guys, I received my galaxy s10 2 days ago and ive noticed something, At first the fingerprint sensor is slower and sometimes says "Press harder" or "Keep your finger on the sensor a little longer" however from the first day ive had it until now, the scanner seems to be working even faster so i think as time passes on the finger print sensor recognises your fingerprint more faster. Have you guys noticed this aswell?


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Mine works fine on the lock screen . I watched on YouTube to scan say your right thumb a few times but at different angles and I got told if you hold it down too long then it plays up. So press firm and do it quick.

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My finger print sensor is very slow on the S10. Is anyone else having the same issue

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Not mine. Keeps saying press harder. Most time don’t recognize finger and have to enter pin. Not sure what’s happening here. 

You may want to redo adding your fingerprints.
Make sure to do exactly what is suggested.

My experience is in between yours two.

It recognizes every time as long as I position my finger correctly.

The process does take longer than with the capacitive sensor of the S10e.
That's really hateable imo. I unlock so many times a day I would really really really like it to be faster and easier.
The sensor is therefore way too small.

On the other hand, the benefit of our new ultrasonic sensor is that it will still work perfectly with sweat and rain.
Heck, probably even underwater.

While it would be next to impossible to unlock your S10e in those circumstances.

So I do view it as an upgrade but it'll need a few years to maximize its usability.

I can't fault the finger print sensor in any way, it's a lot faster than my S9

Set it up again and then go on the check fingerprint to see if it recognises it then reuse then to your fingers.also I've redone them a bit more sideways on as signing in not straight on the screen 


My fingerprint scanner is hopeless. I never had problems with my S9, but this one hardly ever recognizes my fingerprint. I'm using facial recognition whenever possible. 😞

Yes i feel the same on my s10 plus. It never unlocks instantly, either i had to do it twicw or thrice or it will ask me to press little harder


Yes i am facing same issue as u... i have send feedback question to samsung. Lets see what they say. 

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