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Galaxy s10 ultra sonic fingerprint


Hey guys, I received my galaxy s10 2 days ago and ive noticed something, At first the fingerprint sensor is slower and sometimes says "Press harder" or "Keep your finger on the sensor a little longer" however from the first day ive had it until now, the scanner seems to be working even faster so i think as time passes on the finger print sensor recognises your fingerprint more faster. Have you guys noticed this aswell?

as does mine

is it me or has everyone just registered their thumbs? Have you tried registering your nose? It works 🙂 now people think im sniffing my phone screen when in fact im unlocking it. I just tell em its the new S10+ feature, smellovision

Hi. I received my S10 Plus last week. Like for many others, the new FP scanner is very poor in comparison to the excellent one on the S9 Plus 


I've registered and re-registered multiple prints of the same thumb and finger . Still fails to recognise them.  The only way it does work is for me to briefly lick my thumb, which is pretty gross when out and about  I'm pretty sure if I swapped handsets (under 30 days)  the new one will be just the same .


Truth be told is that I always struggled with my thumbs on the S6 and S7 Edge; too much wear and tear from lifting weights I suspect. Unlocking from the lock screen isn't a problem as I can facial recognition  but it's more an issue with Samsung Pay and access to my Internet banking. I can use PINS, passwords etc but just not as convenient  


So, keeping digits moist appears to be the trick... 


I purchased some weeks ago a S10.

Fingerprint very hard to unlock (press more, many tries, etc.).

After I discovered that Samsung has added a poor protection (almost invisible) foil on the screen.

It's not a classic protection foil with a removing extension, it's instead like a poor man screen protector.

I removed the foil and the fingerprint works perfectly

With the last update software and without the increased sensitivity of touch.


Thanks, I finally took mine off a couple of weeks ago and have had no problems what so ever since I took it off.


Wish I was. Repeatedly failing, I've had enough now. No more in screen fingerprint for me unless Apple does it. 


If you still have the S10 take the original screen protector off and you'll find it works great,and I went to Verizon got a regular screen protector it's not the hard one that came with the phone and it still works good


Mine worked first day. Then I kept getting press harder, longer, or the 'cover entire sensor'. I've removed fingerprints and at this point i can't even reenter them because it tells me press harder....finger is blanched I'm pressing so hard. This is nonsense. I switched from iphone to samsung and I have to say....not happy😡


Sorry I don't kow what to say mine works great since I took the original screen protector off.


I have come across a Utube video where he registers more than one finger on the same fingerprint.


Hope this helps.


I actually saw that video and tried it. It also worked on and off for about a day, then stopped. Back to the press harder, cover entire sensor nonsense. Most of my logins on my iPhone were my fingerprint, so this has become an issue. Not real happy I switched right now🤦🏻‍♀️

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