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Galaxy s10 front camera too zoomed in


I recieved my S10 today (after a huge faff with wrong delivery times and dates yesterday) and the first thing I've noticed is how zoomed in the front camera is. It's even worse in-app on Snapchat and Instagram or WhatsApp. I can't even take a front camera photo of me and my son as it doesn't capture below my shoulders. I've tried changing loads of setting in the camera app and the phone settings and even the app settings but nothing works. Does anyone have a fix for this? (As a single parent the front camera is my best mate for quick snaps of me and my Son!) I hope Samsung sort this out asap!!! 

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  • I guess if we all complain via email or phone they have to fix it. I have already emailed and suggest you all do too :smiling-face: 

This may sound stupid but how do we go about doing this? Do we phone then or email?

Use this link to submit a complaint about the in app camera problems


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Ive spoken too EE this morning they have no info on this at the moment and say any software update will come from samsung. Not great considering i got the phone for the cameras aswell and u basically cant use it for front facing pics. Best solution atm is take the photos and videos in the camera and upload to instagram or insta stories etc. Annoying

Well EE is just the provider of the data behind your plan, you need to speak to Samsung as they're the phone manufacturer.

Just submitted a complaint. Really hope they sort this soon 

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Hoping this gets fixed ASAP. So so frustrating and disappointing for such an expensive phone...

Same here, on the camera app it's fine but any other application that uses the camera it is zoomed in like so much 

Wouldn't this be a problem in snapchat and Instagram's software instead of Samsung's? 

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