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Galaxy Earbuds Pre-order delivery


Hi, I pre ordered the new Galaxy S10 and had my claim excepted for the new Earbuds on the 8th March. I thought the earbuds were being shipped on the 20th for delivery on the 21st but still haven't heard anything from Samsung (except for claim validated email) or the delivery company. Anyone heard anything or have any update? Thanks. 


What made you think they were being shipped on the 20th?


Samsung on Twitter have told me this, an article I read somewhere and many other websites (including Amazon and Carphone Warhouse) have delivery being 21st March. 

I have a feeling we won't receive them until after the promotion date 8th April 

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No update from Samsung. My claim was validated on the 13th, and I haven't heard anything since.

I had my claim validated on the 19th, and recieved a text message from them saying the buds would be dispatched within the next 30 days! 

When my 2 lads upgraded their phones to the S9 they both got a 30inch TV, it took a little over 3 weeks to get them!


I got my validation email on the 11 March, got an email from dx this morning saying I was getting a delivery, only thing i'm waiting for..... galaxy earbuds!!! Good sign? I think so!

So did I, WOO! 

Has to be the earbuds then!
Yup! Finally! Enjoy...
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