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Galaxy Buds Promotion Claim: FAQ's


Hi all.


Figured that I'd post a pinned thread with answers to some FAQ's for you all rather than post the same stuff in each of the Galaxy Buds Promo/Claim threads. 


“How do I claim?”


We’re happy to announce that you are now able to use the Samsung Members app to claim a pair Galaxy Buds with your pre-ordered Galaxy S10 or S10+. Head to the Explore tab on Samsung Members and you’ll find ‘Benefits’ indexed as a tag underneath your name or at the bottom of this tab.


You can also claim at


“I can’t find the Benefits tab”


On 14th March 2019, we released an update to Samsung Members, bringing a whole new UI that’s simple and easy to find the content you need. Make sure that you are on the latest version of the app, which will be updated by the Galaxy Store.


The benefits section can be accessed from the ‘Explore’ tab, from the indexed tab under your name or by scrolling to the bottom of the page and tap ‘View more


Samsung Members_Benefits_screenshot.png


“I’ve not received my email confirmation”


It may take up to 7 days for your claim to be reviewed by the promotions team and for your confirmation to be sent to you. They are working hard to get these out as soon as they can.


“My claim was rejected as they did not accept my evidence”


To validate your claim, the promotions need a proof of purchase that includes:

-        Pre-order date

-        Retailer/network it was purchased from

-        Product (name or model number) that was pre-ordered.


You need to get this information back to the team to review as soon as possible, so that they can re-assess the claim. For more details check out the Terms and conditions


Some examples of proofs of purchases:


“It’s not recognising my postcode”


Please restart your phone, check for software and app updates, and reattempt the claims process. If you are continuing to have issues, try claiming at


“My pre-order has been delayed and I won’t receive my phone until after the claim period for the offer has closed – will I miss out?”


Thanks for your patience while we work closely with partners to get your pre-orders fulfilled. We wouldn’t want you to miss out on this great offer, so will make this available to those of you who have had to wait a little longer for your phones and extend the claims period to 30 days from your delivery.


When you claim, you’ll need to provide proof of:

-        Pre-order date

-        Retailer/network it was purchased from

-        Product (name or model number) that was pre-ordered

-        Delivery date of your device

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I emailed and had an answer in a few hours. Maybe try that?
Thanks, can you tell me where the "claim tracker" is? I can't seem to find that anywhere....
Thanks, it appears I cannot use the tracker as there is no claim ID on the confirmation email I received from Samsung.
Thats strange, its the first thing under my name on my validation email. Guess the only way for you to get it now would be to contact Samsung
Ahhh maybe I am at cross-purposes maybe the email I received was not a validation email, maybe it was just a registration email, it was that I received over seven days ago and nothing else.

It just said "We confirm that your registration in the Galaxy Buds gift promotion has been completed.
Now we will validate your data and the documentation you have attached. After verifying that your registration complies with the requirements established in the Legal Bases, you will receive an email with the result.
Do not forget to check your "spam" folder.
Thank you very much for your cooperation and trust.


@Sproughton wrote:

Not sure how much faith I'd put into that date of fulfilment. Mine states "Sent for fulfilment 08/03/19 12:50:25" and I've not had anything yet. Don't mind the wait really, just be nice to get a bit more of a steer than 'within 30 days'

Received this today63F52583-EEE1-49BC-8916-50FFB42D87AA.jpeg

Yeah thats not the validation email, guess you are still waiting for it to be validated then. When did you put your claim in?

@Siversc wrote:
Yeah thats not the validation email, guess you are still waiting for it to be validated then. When did you put your claim in?

No my claim has been validated, just letting people know that the Buds will arrive sometime within the thirty day period 🤞🏼🤞🏼

I put my claim in seven days ago. No validation email yet.
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