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Galaxy Active blood pressure monitor app


So the app which allegedly measures blood pressure is not available in the UK. Looked around the internet managed to get the apk for the phone s10+ but the app "my bp lab 2.0" for the watch i cant find online or on the galaxy watch store app at all. 


Hi there , I was hoping for the app too , so am disappointed to see its unavailable - perhaps in the future ?  I guess for now all you could do is use an external monitor and manually add it to the stats - kind of defeats the object I know ,post back if you find out any more - I also have the 10 + , how do you like it ? 


Im enjoying it, i moved from a note 9 to this. There are some software improvements that can be made like camera functions, guess its just a matter of time. The galaxy active watch is good too and runs well along side the s10. Shame about samsung pay only working with some banks though, i had to open a new bank to make use of the contactless watch function.

I contacted my lab 2.0 app owners but waiting for a response to see when it will be available in the uk properly and officially. Will keep u updated.
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