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Hello, my first time posting here, but I am a proud owner of the S9+ and now the S10+ and I wanted to see if other people agree with me that I would like to see if Samsung would consider putting the New improved finger scanner back to where it is on the S9+ for 2 reasons,  no. 1 because it is more comfortable and convenient  to have the scanner on the back right at that position...and no.2 it will prevent smudges on my phone screen. 

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Superuser I

I liked my Note 9 for the same reason @ATOM2 but as technology moves forward there must have been a want / need for the fps to be placed under the screen on the front.


I now have gotten used to having the fps on the front under the glass on my N10+ 5G and it works 99% of the time,  but Yes I agree it leaves smudges but it's nothing a cloth / shirt sleeve etc can't deal with :winking-face:



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my screen does be covered in smudges, probably beard oil but the front finger print scanner is very handy and with tips on how to make it work better, it works near every time not and fast on my s10
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