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Fingerprint feature is Useless in S10

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Samsung has introduced new annyoning feature called as on ultrasonic sensor. 
Seriously annoyed.
One Tap feature moved to Accesbilty   section the floating bar is also annoying.

The research team & Qc is not paying attention to the premium deliveries.

So Bad 😔

A little trick to make the fingerprint recognition better is to just scan/register the same finger/s twice.
Also, if you are using a screen protector it can cause the fingerprint recognition not to work as well unfortunately
Hello @Boon,
Give what @NoteGuyIreland suggested a try.

I have no experience with the S10, but I definitely confirm that fingerprint unlocking with the scanner on my Note10 Plus is almost instant. I literally just need to touch the scanner area and it responds 100% of the time. I thought it was too good to be true based on reviews, so to satisfy myself that the phone was not responding to any touch, I tested it out by getting other people to try it with their own fingers. It only responds to my finger touches. And I am not exaggerating when I say "touch".
My Note 20 Ultra is exactly the same.

In both cases, I registered the same fingers multiple times and I am using the original screen protectors that were on the phones.
I hope this inspires you to try reconfiguring your phone. They are very good phones...
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