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Emergency bypass while silent


Hi everyone,

Just got a samsung s10 after being apple foe ages

One thing i noticed was you can not seem to set texts and calls from priority people to make a sound while on silent


It works in DND mode but not when your set to silent or vibrate


How can i fix this? Is there a setting i am missing or an app that does it?


I have my phone on vibrate or silent a lot but i still don't want to miss messages and calls from certain people


Thank you

@NinaWildeUK: Although it isn't exactly what you're after, you will need to utilise Do Not Disturb Mode to achieve this. First of all, set your priority callers as favourites by opening the Contacts app > Select a contact > Tap the star next to their name.


Swipe from the top of the screen to the bottom > Do Not Disturb > tap the Do Not Disturb notification in the drop down menu > Allow Exceptions > Calls From > Favourite Contacts Only > Messages From > Favourite Contacts Only.

Set your device to Sound and Vibrate and only your priority calls will come through. I understand that this will mean missing calls from your non-priority contacts, and apologise for any inconvenience this might cause you.

Yeh as you have said it's not what i'm after

Will you be looking at the fact so many people want this feature and putting it in?

Sure it would be pretty simple to do it if u can do it on apple with one click you guys must be able to do it


Dnd is brilliant but so many of us still want our phone to vibrate while certain contacts are bypassing the silent mode


Please do think about putting this in as honestly i have seen so many asking about it that i assume you would have listened by now 

No problem, @NinaWildeUK. I'll pass your suggestion on to our R&D guys to see this can be implemented in a future product or update.
Hi @NinaWildeUK. I've received a reply from the developers, and they have stated that they need some time to decide whether the option can be implemented as it requires taking many factors into consideration, as this is something that needs to be supported from the Operating System first. I'll let you know if anything changes, or when I get an update from the devs.
I too would benefit from this. I use silent at bed time but my parents are getting older and need to take their calls if theres an emergency.
Please let me know if this feature is added. I think many people would benefit from this.

Thanks for this @zlsturmey.


We've added you comments to the existing case for this.


Please implement this, it would be incredibly useful.


I would like to urge you to please look into adding this feature *asap*

I want my phone on silent, but I want calls from certain contacts to get through. The most important reason I need this feature to be implemented is being able to receive calls from suicidal loved ones, who I always want to be able to get through to me


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I look forward to this option being available. I working in an emergency profession and I need to hear some of my contact in every situation and this option is essential to me. It would be a shame to have to change my phone for something so basic.

Hope to see it before s11 launch :smiling-face:

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