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email synch problems

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I have for some time had two email accounts set up as IMAP on my Galaxy S9 phone  viw the Samsung email app. Generally they have worked well for over 3-4 years now.  About 2 weeks ago one of the accounts (my main one) started alternating between saying there were no emails in my inbox (there are loads) and showing the correct number including new ones - it usually says it has synched in the last few minutes.

I've even had a couple of times when as I clicked on a new mail the inbox emptied, they then come back some time later without any clue to when.  If I access the mail through my computer (Outlook) or via webmail the inbox has the correct number


my other email account (different provided) doesn't exhibit these problems - it's annoying as I need access to email when I need it not when it decides oit want's to work!

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Hi did you ever get this problem sorted my partner S9 is doing the same no new emails or syncing manually she has to remove account and install it again to get emails then its stops again after the emails come through any help much appreciated thanks
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