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Edge lighting


Why does my edge lighting not work on lock screen when receiving a WhatsApp message 


Hey guys, I developed an app that does the trick.


Setup is a bit tedious (everything is explained), but once it's done you're all set!


Here's the xda thread about it:


Hi this app doesn't work for my it wakes up my screen from lock but it doesn't show the edge lighting 

Sorry, I wish it did work 


Have you followed the setup instructions and made sure you enabled Edge Lighting for MY app in the settings panel?


That's the most common mistake for this issue. With Edge Lighting enabled, my app shouldn't be able to wake your screen up, since the point of  edge lighting is to prevent this.


The first version had more than 3000 installs from people on xda, and so far the app's been working pretty well. 


Yes I have. All enabled still nothing


And have you made any change in the notifications configuration for my app? Did you make sur Edge Lighting is enabled when screen is off?


If the issue remains, try posting in the xda thread (see above). It's more active and someone who had that problem might be able to help you, since I can't check every setting on your phone.


It works!! Thank you it was me works fine 


You're welcome!


Remember to rate the app on the Play Store :winking-face:


I've tried several time to install this app on my S10+ G975F/DS and it just keeps crashing upon opening.


It really irks me to no end, that a simple basic notification light was not coded yet they spent tons of money and time on coding Bixby that from what I see most people want to uninstall. They could have easily coded edge lighting to activate the lock screen by now with notifications. Absolutely no excuse for this at all.

I use holey light for notifications. But it just the front camera to notify you and it will go go off until it has been read or cleared.

New version (1.24) should solve the crashes.


Update, clear cache and reboot.

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