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Ear buds claim not working

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Is anyone else have trouble accessing the benefit to claim their ear buds. When I click on claim your ear buds it takes me to a blank screen. Also live chart is not available for this. Really annoyed and get get talking to someone 

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I had the blank screen now I can finally get to step 4 of the application where 1. It says my postcode is invalid and 2. After filling in the form it says something went wrong, please try again later which means I'm probably going to have to fill in all the form again as well as uploading my invoice and screen prints. I got a offer for the VR headset with my note 8, posted same day on problems. I don't know why Samsung has made this so hard.

I have no option available to claim through app.

I found claim button on Samsung website,but every time I am trying to claim error has occurred. 

I have the same

Same problem invalid postcode and then Error trying to complete....

Exactly the same here. Says postcode wrong, then error msg......

Yep, invalid post code error (though the same post code worked when I purchased the phone....)

I can't find the claim either, under the benefits tab I don't have the claim year buds option. What site did you find the claim on

just managed to get through after a whole night of trying. I just kept refreshing the address page and finding the Post Code till it was found. From UK

Confirmed seems to be working now. Poscode accepted and claim went through :smiling-face:

claim went through on website but no confirmation email.
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