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Ear buds claim not working

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Is anyone else have trouble accessing the benefit to claim their ear buds. When I click on claim your ear buds it takes me to a blank screen. Also live chart is not available for this. Really annoyed and get get talking to someone 

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Just tried again and it worked with the postcode and was able to complete the claim. Still sucks you have to wait 7 days lol

I have done thanks ... to all posters you help a lot. To all of us. Sorry for my english.  I got link for uk and ireland to claim somere in here. So i did try on samsung onternet problem on chrome webside open. So fill all the form and went true all .. very important is to hve the right ireland or uk for the addres past. I think. So put all the details and 3 times show me .... something go wrong try later.  Each time start from just the addres page all about recipt and phone was remember so i didt  have to start all over ... 

And at the 3rd time when i opened with stil on sorry somthing go wrong i just tap in the right top corner menu and do refresh page and hurray ... i got id  with succes apply.  Hope thas help. And if you got tha page dontbforget do screen shot.

@Mecha wrote:
claim went through on website but no confirmation email.

Same issue here. Have emailed but annoying thing is they probably wont be back in office until monday now.

Its saying i redeemed them already while i didnt its ***** i think we all need to take the phones back if they attract costumers with free buds then cant give them so let them keep their phones will get the iphone xr insted lol

Same here. Tried earlier, got part way through and the site crashed and wouldn't work again. 


Just tried again now, thinking it might be quieter now it's the middle of the night, and it's saying my IMEI has already been used to claim!


I never completed the form, and haven't received any notification. 


Same after I fill everything out it shows a screen with "something went wrong", I hope they fix this.

This is what mine says. Then we i go to send them an email explaining what happened i have to put in my claim number but i didnt get one in the first place.its a joke!

Got it sorted they just reviewing it

Just tracked my claim and it now says Rejected and an email has been sent to explain why....NOT had any email !! This is getting silly now.....not happy !! 

Was able to claim it last night from that link. Worked fine and at end it gives you a claim number and states you will receive  an email over the next 7 days to discuss claim. One thing you can't do is choose a colour for the buds. There is no option for that. Anyway best of luck to you all. 

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