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Ear buds claim not working

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Is anyone else have trouble accessing the benefit to claim their ear buds. When I click on claim your ear buds it takes me to a blank screen. Also live chart is not available for this. Really annoyed and get get talking to someone 

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If it crashes and says down for maintenance just pull the screen down to refresh it, should take you back to the same page, mine actually refreshed with the info sucsessfully submitted 

I think i may have got it working, i have not received an email yet saying it was accepted.

I'm having an issue where on step 4 of the claim it can't find my post code saying its 'invalid' anyone else having this problem?

I'm having postcode not valid issue too

Yep, also invalid postcode here 

Yeah same postcode issue:serious-face-with-symbols-covering-mouth:

I'm having the postcode not valid notification too. Tried manually entering my address and putting my postcode in last (without clicking "find address") and all I keep getting is "Something went wrong. Try again in a few minutes.


Getting a tad frustrating now.


Yeah same postcode invalid issue here

Invalid post code issue too.

Just rang support said that it's in high demand and there are some issues but have until the 8th of April to claim probably best to just try later 

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